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I help physicians rediscover their passion and design the life of their dreams — on their terms.

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self care belongs in healthcare

1:1 Coaching with Ruchi Kaul MD

Work with me

Coaching with me is not about giving you “tips," "tricks," or "how-tos." My job here is to hold a safe space for you to completely reorganize everything you’ve set up in your mind  that you have to work hard to succeed, that you need to make sure others have just the right opinion of you, that life is limited and you only get some of what you want.

Yes, our work together is work — but it's like no work you've ever done before. It’s not running around, holding your pee for a full 12 hour shift or delivering umpteen babies in a 24 hour period.

This work is about making space to sit, to settle into you, to feel all of your feelings —  especially the ones that scare the shit out of you! And then bravely taking the next step into the life you were always meant to have.

Begin now:

Commit to yourself, put in the work, and be amazed at the you that is waiting for you.

As you evolve, so does your entire life. Interested in working together? Start by filling out the application and then we'll set up a time to chat to see if we're a fit.

Speaking & Consulting

Looking for a speaker or consultant to help your organization navigate themes that include self-care, wellness, work/life balance, activism in medicine?

Let's talk about how I can support your organization or bring a new perspective to your next event or conference.